Speaking up for wild plants We are Plantlife.

The team

Chief Executive

Marian Spain

Executive Assistant

Julia Clements


Senior Managers

Director of Strategy
Ben McCarthy
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Director of Conservation Programmes
Nicola Hutchinson
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Director of Communications
Joanna Bromley
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Director of Development
Michael Krause
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Strategy Team

Head of Conservation
Andrew Byfield

International Project Officer
Dr Ivis Chan

Head of Outreach
Felicity Harris

National Plant Monitoring Scheme Co-ordinator
Hayley New

Senior Policy Officer
Jenny Hawley



Programmes Team

Nature Reserves Manager
Joe Costley

Important Plant Area Programme Manager
Alastair Moralee

Woodland Advisor
Paul Rutter

Conservation Manager, East of England
Tim Pankhurst

Ranscombe Project Manager
Richard Moyse

Ranscombe Warden
Ben Sweeney

IPA Lower Plants Champion (England & Wales)
Dave Lamacraft

Coronation Meadows Project Manager
Dan Merrett

Save Our Magnificent Meadows Project Manager
Claire Parton

Save Our Magnificent Meadows Project Officer
Fiona Perez

Save Our Magnificent Meadows & Farm Advisor
Cath Shellswell

Biological Data and GIS officer
Beth Halski

Make the Small Things Count Project Manager
Rachel Jones

Plantlife Cymru

Head of Plantlife Cymru
Colin Cheesman

Outreach Officer
Helen Bradley

Lower Plants and Fungi Officer (Wales) & Plant Link Cymru Officer  
Tracey Lovering

Wales Farmland Officer
Jan Winder 

Welsh Waxcap Project Development Officer 
Anita Daimond  

Plantlife Scotland

Head of Plantlife Scotland
Dr Deborah Long

Conservation Coordinator
Davie Black

Member & Volunteer Support Officer
Jill Williams

Outreach Officer
Polly Phillpot

Office Administrator
Yvonne Imrie



Communications Team

Botanical Specialist
Dr Trevor Dines

Publicity Manager
Justina Simpson (Currently on maternity leave)

Contents & Publications Manager
Jane Gazzard

Website & Social Media Manager
Luke Morton

Senior Press Officer
Archie Thomas (Katie Cameron on maternity leave)


Development Team

Development Executive
Alex Christian

Development Manager, Ranscombe
Liz O'Hanlon ​

Individual giving

Head of Individual Giving
Amy Sturman

Individual Giving Officer
Tash Coombs

Individual Giving Administrator
Rebecca James

Project development

Head of Project Development
Michele Kerry

Development Manager
Lisa Costley

Development Manager
Gabriella Keaney

Back from the Brink Development Officer 
Dr Elizabeth Cooke

Project Development Officer
Claire Perrens



Finance Team

Head of Finance and Office Services
Sandra Mclaren

IT Manager
Keith Hutton

Payroll Manager and Human Resources & Accounts Assistant
Julie Hammond

Office Services Administrator
Celeste Skinner