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Sustainable development policy

Sustainable development (meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardising the needs of future generations) is the cornerstone of all attempts to conserve biodiversity.

The way we use or over-use our natural resources determines the land cover in a large part of the world. The CBD Global and European Strategies for Plant Conservation specifically include targets on sustainable use of plant products and plant conservation in production lands, however these are the targets with the least available data and the least reported progress. This is the area where plant conservation must move away from its traditional territory of endangered species and protected areas and take on the challenge of raising awareness of how the ways we shop and live our lives affect the natural world and the more sustainable alternatives that exist.

EU Sustainable Development Strategy

The EU Sustainable Development Policy has 7 priority challenges: climate change & clean energy; sustainable transport; sustainable consumption & production; conservation and management of natural resources, public health; social inclusion, demography & migration; global poverty and sustainable development. In addition each Member State has its own National Sustainable Development Strategy. There is still a long way to go in integrating this strategy across all the other policy areas of the EU which include sustainable procurement in EU initiatives, effective EIA and SEA assessments for EU funded projects, imports into the EU including biofuel imports discussed above, forestry policy and reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.