Coul Links: A Letter To The First Minister

Alistair Whyte

Alistair Whyte

Head of Plantlife Scotland

8th June 2018


Dunes at Coul Links

As you might be aware, Plantlife has been campaigning with our fellow conservation organisations to stop a golf course being built on the internationally important dune system at Coul Links. In the last few days, Highland Council’s planning committee decided to defer a decision on whether to consent to the development. In response we have sent them the following letter...

Dear First Minister,

We are taking the unusual step of writing to you on World Environment Day to express our deep concern that Highland Council’s planning committee today decided to defer a decision whether to consent a development on Coul Links, an area of wild coast with national, European and international protections due to its importance for nature and wildlife habitat.

Your own conservation agency Scottish Natural Heritage has objected to the application on the grounds it would damage rare sand dune habitats together with an unprecedented number of people throughout Scotland, multiple non-governmental bodies and a well organised local campaign group ‘Not Coul’.

We urge you to call this application in as a matter of urgency to prevent to the loss of this special place. We are shocked a planning application for such an important site has been allowed to progress this far but, with your leadership, there is still time to stop this damaging development and show the world we are serious about our international environmental commitments under the Convention of Biological Diversity, the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to which you were one of the first signatories.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Kirkland, Director, Butterfly Conservation

Craig Macadam, Director of Conservation, Buglife

Calum Duncan, Head of Conservation Scotland, Marine Conservation Society

Stuart Brooks, Head of Natural Heritage Conservation Policy, National Trust for Scotland

Alistair Whyte, Director, Plantlife Scotland

Aedán Smith, Head of Planning and Development, RSPB Scotland

Jonny Hughes, Chief Executive, Scottish Wildlife Trust

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