The Great British Wildflower Hunt heads for Jupiter

Alistair Whyte

Alistair Whyte

Head of Plantlife Scotland

21st August 2018


Hunting wildflowers at Jupiter

Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre in Grangemouth was the site of the latest Great British Wildflower Hunt this August.

Plantlife Scotland teamed up with Scottish Wildlife Trust to run an event for local families to get out and about hunting for plants in this fantastic urban wildlife garden. Here at Plantlife we spend a lot of time discussing the importance of engaging with nature at a young age, and it was clear from our outing that Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre’s work is so important to children who have less access to green spaces. Every child present was ready to jump in and meet nature without reservation.

Overall, we found thirty-six species, and had a great time, despite the rain! We were so pleased and impressed with the level of interest, from the kids to the parents! The Great British Wildflower Hunt really is for all ages!

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