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Adopt a Flower or fungi £20

Looking for the perfect gift for Christmas, someone’s Birthday or even Mother’s Day?

Introduce someone you love to wild flowers by adopting a flower or fungi for them for £20 a year. Your support will boost Plantlife’s wild plant conservation programmes.

  • As an adopter you will receive a stunning A5 postcard portrait of your wild flower or fungi, a fact sheet and a personalised certificate.
  • Adopt a flower of fungi for £20 a year and you will be directly supporting Plantlife’s vital UK wild plant conservation programmes.

There are eight wild flower or fungi species available for adoption:


Greater butterfly orchid

A beautiful orchid of meadows, grassland, dunes and woodlands, this flower produces a spike of large, greenish-white flowers.

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With its papery petals and delicate appearance, you might think that the harebell is a fragile wild flower. It is in fact, incredibly strong and resilient. 

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Juniper is a long-lived evergreen, coniferous shrub or small tree with tough, needle-like leaves and small yellow flowers, followed by berries. 

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From kissing traditions at Christmas to ancient fertility rites, mistletoe has long been regarded as a magical plant. 

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Spanish catchfly

This rare heathland wildflower is found only in the Brecklands of East Anglia in Britain. Delicate and wispy, with tiny lace-like cream-coloured flowers.

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Tree lungwort

A vibrant green, leafy lichen which can be found on tree trunks in the "Celtic rainforest" - the lush, mossy woodlands of western Britain.

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Yellow whitlowgrass

A dainty yellow wild flower which, in Britain, is only found in Wales. Confined to the steep limestone cliffs and old walls of the Gower peninsula.

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