Plantlife launch new five year strategy

For over 25 years, Plantlife has had a single ideal; to save and celebrate wild plants, flowers and fungi.

Now, as fresh uncertainties and challenges emerge about the future of our natural environment, Plantlife has launched a new strategy that sets out the charity's plans for the next five years.

The plan - available as a downloadable document - sets out to achieve a vision of wild plants that are:

  • Thriving: threatened species face a more secure future whilst common plants stay abundant and are enjoyed
  • Valued: the benefits that wild plants bring to all our lives are understood
  • Celebrated: our wild flora and fungi are appreciated for their beauty and cultural significance

"We want to leave a lasting legacy" says Marian Spain, Plantlife's Chief Executive Officer. "A world so rich in flowers that children could pick a bunch without causing harm" "That needs us to do two things: to bring wild plants and flowers back in abundance, and help people young and old to understand and enjoy them. This strategy sets out how we plan to do that over the next five years.”

"Just a couple of generations ago, wild flowers were so abundant that they were part of our everyday lives and something commonplace and familiar. But for many people today, that easy familiarity and regular contact is a rarity. Wild flowers are seldom seen, hardly touched, almost forgotten. We and wildlife suffer as a result."