Bringing wildflowers and other wildlife Back from the Brink

Marian Spain

Marian Spain

On secondment to Natural England until June 2019

31st March 2017

Plantlife has always been a conservation organisation that has recognised the value of working together to achieve great things.

So we are delighted to be joining forces with other leading conservation organisations to save some of our very rarest and most threatened wildlife. We at Plantlife are committed to working with our partners to deliver this bold and brilliant project to saving 20 species from disappearing forever. As a coalition we recognise that unless we act now we will lose them.

The dramatically declining lesser butterfly orchid and Cornish path moss, which is now found at only two sites in the world, are part of our heritage and it is incumbent on us to act now so as to preserve them for future generations. They are teetering on the brink and we must not allow them to fall away.

People are at the heart of this programme and they are vital to its success. We want people to be inspired by their precious local wildlife and, just as importantly, have great fun in the process. Get mud on your boots, pick a few wildflowers, learn the names of lichens, count birds and butterflies, take stunning wildlife photographs and make new friends. Back from the Brink offers endless possibilities for both people and nature.

It’s very exciting.

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Back From the Brink

More than 100 species of England’s most threatened wildlife - including wild flowers - could be saved from extinction.

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