First lambs arrive from the Plantlife flock

Dr Trevor Dines

Dr Trevor Dines

Plantlife Botanical Specialist

3rd March 2017

Last night, I had an excited call from Dan Jones, the National Trust shepherd on the Great Orme. The first of the lambs from the Plantlife flock of sheep had arrived! They were a pair of adorable twins – a ewe (girl) and a ram (boy). Both were strong and lively, up on their feet and bleating loudly for their mum. By the time I got to Parc Farm this morning, more lambs had arrived.

Dan said, “It’s great to have the first lambs at last. I’m so glad I brought them inside the sheds last night as it’s been pretty cold and wet over the last few days; storm Doris was a terrible night – we’re so exposed up here - and we’re still clearing up. What’s exciting is that these lambs will grow up on the Orme and they’ll learn the best places to graze, where to find shelter and really get to know the lie of the land. So it’s the start of my ‘hefted’ flock that will help us control the grass and bring back the wild flowers.”

Dan’s got a busy few weeks ahead, with 400 Plantlife lambs on their way. He’ll be keeping an eye on them around the clock. “I was up at 3am this morning checking the ewes inside the shed, then as soon as it was light I toured the fields to check the sheep still outside. There’s loads to do, and it can get a bit tiring by the end, but hopefully I can catch up on some sleep during the day.”

We wish Dan all the best and we’ll keep you updated on progress.


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