Great Orme update

Colin Cheesman

Colin Cheesman

Head of Plantlife Cymru

4th May 2017

With the arrival of spring that can only mean one thing for farmer Dan Jones on the Orme – lots and lots of lambs!


New life on the Great Orme. Image © David Robert Jones.

Our involvement on the Great Orme was always aimed at improving the conditions to let the limestone loving plants to flourish and for much of the peninsula this can only happen when the right amount of grazing is taking place.

These new additions to the flock will allow us to do just that and having two hardy breeds, Herdwick and Llwyn, gives Dan more options in bringing down the overgrown areas, earning himself and his family a living and being highly photogenic too.

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Hoary Rockrose Great Orme (c) Trevor Dines-Plantlife.JPG

Great Orme, Conwy

One of the top five sites for rare and threatened plants in Britain, the Great Orme's flowers are threatened by a lack of grazing. Plantlife brings in the sheep to save them.

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