Greena Moor: we did it!

Joe Costley

Joe Costley

Nature Reserves Manager

5th May 2017

We are delighted to report that the purchase of a major extension to our Greena Moor nature reserve in Cornwall was completed earlier today.

A tremendous thank you to all of you who gave so generously to the appeal for funds that we launched in November last year. Without your help, today's fabulous news simply would not have been possible.

Greena Moor is celebrated for its Culm grassland (an internationally-rare habitat confined to North Devon and North Cornwall), and for its suite of rare and threatened species including three-lobed crowfoot, petty whin and whorled caraway. The 46-acre extension to the reserve brings a number of exciting benefits and opportunities; linking two isolated areas of high-quality habitat, expanding the area of Culm grassland under our management, and a chance to restore species-rich habitat on an expansive scale.

Thanks are also due to Cornwall Wildlife Trust who supported our appeal and will work in partnership with us on the future management of the site. Conservation on the ground has not yet begun, and we are continuing to work towards our overall fundraising target including the cost of management and restoration work. Today, however, is a day for celebration, and a time to acknowledge the generosity of all those who made it happen - THANK YOU!


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