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Gwenda Diack

Gwenda Diack

Cairngorms Wild Plants Project Officer

4th August 2017


The Mountains & The People apprentices

The Cairngorms Wild Plants provided an excellent training day for The Mountains & The People apprentices the other day at Glenshee.

The day was lead by plant expert Ben Averis and is the first of a series of training events funded by LEADER as part of the Plantlife project aimed at sharing knowledge and skills to conserve the wild plants of the Cairngorms.

During the day, apprentices were introduced to the different habitats which can be found on the Cairngorms mountains, learned to identify montane species such as the trailing azalea (Kalmia procumbens - pictured below):

Trailing Azalea

They also learned how important path edges are for certain species, what conditions they need to thrive and how best to conserve them while building mountain paths.

To find out more about our project to save the wild plants of the Cairngorms, just click on the link below.

Find out more:

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Cairngorms Wild Plants project

Building on the work of the Cairngorms Rare Plants Project, our new Cairngorms Wild Plants Project - covering both arctic-alpine flora and Caledonian pinewood – aims to secure the future of these habitats.

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