Our Flanders Moss event in August was fun and full of information

Yvonne Imrie

Yvonne Imrie

Office Administrator

22nd September 2017


© David Palmar www.photoscot.co.uk

David Pickett, the National Nature Reserve Ranger at Flanders Moss, led a walk around the bog starting off at the look out tower and ending up taking the group for an earth moving experience!

The peat bog is full of amazing plant life, wildlife and history.

The management of the bog was explained and demonstrated by the plants, grasses and mosses growing in different areas. David also explained the importance of the water table and the strength of moss, which can be twisted and pleated to produce a very strong length of rope.


Squeezing water from Sphagnum moss © David Palmar www.photoscot.co.uk

This rope can then be woven into baskets.

Being with a "bog professional" David led us off the boardwalk and as we jumped we could feel the whole peat bog move under us! Certainly an "earth moving" experience.

All in all a wonderful place to visit. Thank you especially to David Pickett along with a big thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the day. Hope to see you all again at another Plantlife event.

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