Winter woodland edge improvement work coming to a close

Richard Moyse

Richard Moyse

Ranscombe Project Manager

8th March 2017

This winter's woodland edge improvement work is just coming to a close, with the last bit of work being around the entrance from Whiteleaves Rise in Cuxton.

Wild flowers such as the scarce White Mullein (Verbascum lychnitis) and endangered Rough Mallow (Althaea hirsuta - above, you can see why it's called "rough" from the bristles on its sepals) are set to benefit and most of our arable margins should be in better shape.

This is tricky work, with plenty of safety issues to address, as you can see below. Coppicing a large, tricky ash, a bit at a time needs a skilled climber... it's great to see the tremendous care and attention taken by our friends SWS Woodland and Conservation Management - thanks, guys!

And also big thanks to WREN for funding this important work.


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