Restoration work begins at Greena Moor

Joe Costley

Joe Costley

Nature Reserves Manager

26th April 2018


Greena Moor

Last year, thanks to your contributions, we successfully purchased a 44 acre extension to our Greena Moor nature reserve in Cornwall.

Greena Moor is home to an extensive area of Culm grassland. This habitat is increasingly-rare; a staggering 92% has been lost in the past 100 years, with 48% disappearing between 1984 and 1991 alone - partly as a result of the rapid intensification of farming. In this boggy grassland a spectacular diversity of plants including saw-wort, water mint and marsh violet flourish amongst rushes and tussocks of purple moor-grass.

Once purchased, we pledged to restore the site and now work to deliver that promise has begun. In February this year we began the creation of new habitat for the nationally-rare Three-lobed Water Crowfoot (Ranunculus tripartitus) an area of scrub was cleared , within which new shallow pools will be excavated over the coming summer. Over the winter we also worked on the clearance of bracken and bramble to improve the habitat for another rarity – the wood bitter-vetch. On one of the newly acquired fields we are currently working on the installation of a new water supply so that we can arrange the appropriate grazing that the grassland will require. Further works are planned and more will be underway in the weeks and months ahead

We'll bring you more news as we receive it and thanks once again to everyone who gave money to help make this happen.

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