Update: Road Verge Petition Passes 33,000 Signatures

Archie Thomas

Archie Thomas

Senior Press Officer

12th July 2018


Road Verge, Dorset

Update: since we posted this last month, over 3,000 supporters have added their names to the petition! That's incredible! Thank you for your support and please keep raising awareness.

Last month, we relaunched our road campaign by revealing an alarming 20% drop in wild flower diversity on our imperilled road verges. Analysing data from the government’s Countryside Survey confirmed that road verges, a last bastion for wildlife seeking refuge from intensively managed farmland, are changing for the worst under poor management.

But all is not lost; better management could have spectacular results for wildflowers and wildlife. We had some fun estimating that if all the road verges in Britain were managed better with less and later cutting, this could deliver an extra billion more blooms (or 6,000 flowers per person!). This would be nothing less than transformational. Road verges would stop their seemingly irrevocable slide into mean, green wastelands to become flower-rich mini-meadows that benefit pollinators AND light up our dim commutes.

This new analysis piqued the interest of the media with Plantlife appearing on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, ITV News at Ten and the news being covered across the national press including in The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, The Sun and The Mirror.

Even better has been the response of the public. Our petition calling for road verges to be better managed for wild flowers and wildlife has captured your imagination and we're absolutely delighted to report that we have just passed 30,000 signatories. And it's still travelling swiftly.

Without this outstanding support from Plantlife members, supporters and all those who understand that where wild flowers lead, wildlife follows we could never have achieved this level of support. We know from you that you really care about how your verges are managed and it is great to see so many of you letting your councils know how important they are to you and your communities.