Road Verges Are Changing

Ben McCarthy

Ben McCarthy

Director of Strategy

16th July 2018


Dorset road verge

What a summer... In just two months, over 10,000 more have joined our campaign for better management of our road verges, with many of you being in touch directly with both Plantlife and your council with queries and case studies.

Plantlife’s new research showing how there has been a 20% drop in wild flower diversity since 1990 has been making the headlines.

The good news is, this is all starting to make a difference and we are together changing hearts and minds.

Alongside the heartbreak of hearing about favourite verges being mown with the loss of orchids and other flowers, we’ve had some really good highlights. In Gloucester there is now cross-party support for improving biodiversity on road verges:

And Dorset County Council has reported that orchids and other rarer flowers are now more abundant on their verges: