The Great British Wildflower Hunt: the results (so far)

Dr Trevor Dines

Dr Trevor Dines

Plantlife Botanical Specialist

6th July 2017

We’ve had a fantastic response since we launched the Great British Wildflower Hunt last month. Many of you got out hunting wildflowers and we’ve had a look at the results from the first few weeks.

Boy holding dandelion
  • So far, over 10,000 flowers have been spotted
  • All species in the Hunt have been found more than 40 times.
  • The top five flowers that you’ve found most often are, to date...


  1. White clover
  2. Meadow buttercup
  3. Cow parsley
  4. Red clover
  5. Oxeye daisy

Maybe these should be the ‘big five’ – the five wildflowers all children should be able to find and name. Could your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews name all of these? If not, why not take them out over the summer and get them hunting? Remember, you can do the Hunt again in as many locations as you like!

Get started below:


The Great British Wildflower hunt

Taking part in the Great British Wildflower Hunt is a great way to enjoy flowers, whether you’re familiar with them or not. And by letting Plantlife know what you’re found, you’ll help our work to make sure that there are more flowers and that the next generation can enjoy them.

Let's get hunting