Wildflower Hunt update

Dr Trevor Dines

Dr Trevor Dines

Plantlife Botanical Specialist

14th June 2017

On the day of the General Election (which seems a lifetime ago now!), it was with great excitement that Plantlife launched the interactive Great British Wild Flower Hunt. I was in a field of poppies at our Ranscombe Farm reserve with weatherman Matt Taylor to cover the launch on BBC Breakfast.

The Great British Wild Flower Hunt - the UK’s first large-scale interactive guide to wild flowers - comes in response to data from leading pollster YouGov that revealed that people across Great Britain are crying out to know more about wild flowers:

  • While only 11% of 16-24 year-olds polled felt confident they could correctly name many wild flowers, 56% expressed a desire to be able to identify more. In total, 70% of us want to know more about wild flowers.
  • Although full-time students expressed the lowest confidence (10%) of any group in their ability to name many wildflowers, 58% would like to be able to identify more.

We've been thrilled by the fantastically enthusiastic response to #WildflowerHunt. It has revealed the huge appetite there is for a better understanding of our wild plants and for a reconnection to the wildflowers and wildlife around us.

Here's a selection of social media responses from the micro-blogging website twitter: