Wonderful wildflowers returning to the Great Orme in Wales

Dr Trevor Dines

Dr Trevor Dines

Plantlife Botanical Specialist

13th July 2017

Regular readers of our blog might recall the flock of sheep that Plantlife Cyrmu brought in to restore the fortunes of the unique flora of the Great Orme - not only a stunning beauty spot, but also an Important Plant Area on the north coast of Wales.

One year on, we're happy to say first indications are encouraging. Don't believe us? See for yourself - watch myself and Dan the shepherd as we show you around the site, introduce you to some of the species and explain what's going on:

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Hoary Rockrose Great Orme (c) Trevor Dines-Plantlife.JPG

Great Orme, Conwy

One of the top five sites for rare and threatened plants in Britain, the Great Orme's flowers are threatened by a lack of grazing. Plantlife brings in the sheep to save them.

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