Yes Plants Can

Michael Krause

Michael Krause

Acting Chief Executive

19th November 2018


Plant Pavilion, Brighton

Today we’re launching a new business partnership.

Many businesses support Plantlife, often ones which use botanicals, from beauty products to gin, always ones which care about plants and plant conservation.

When household products specialist Seventh Generation got in touch, I was keen to talk more. It was evident at our first meeting that we had plenty in common. Seventh Generation were facing up to the same challenges as Plantlife, thinking about the future of the planet and the ecosystems we depend on. It was good to see products made from plants, not petroleum, to handle packaging made from recycled materials and to have a frank discussion about climate change – how we can reduce our emissions and make nature more resilient, so it can cope better with the changes we’ll see.

But the Seventh Generation team’s thinking went beyond the business. They were interested in the government’s plans for the future of the UK, big decisions which have to be made on the Environment Bill and how they encourage consumers to help. Plantlife supports the government plan to create or restore 500,000 hectares of wildlife rich habitat and our Grassland Action Plan calls for 120,000 hectares to be species rich grasslands. These are so important for native plants and all the other species which depend on them but they also capture carbon, manage floodwaters, lock up pollution and give us great places to enjoy. So we were delighted that Seventh Generation are right there alongside us in this campaign.

We know we can only save plants for future generations by working in partnership. The difficult challenges we face need everyone to help: governments, charities, businesses and individuals. So we’re delighted to be working with a business which cares, acts responsibly and encourages others to act, buying good products, joining a campaign, living a sustainable lifestyle. And we’re thrilled that Seventh Generation has made a generous donation to help us make the Grassland Action Plan a reality.

Why, I wondered, call the products Seventh Generation? Because in Vermont, where the business was founded, there’s a long tradition of people taking responsibility for the current and the next seven generations. That sounds like a good approach to sustainability to me and that’s why we’re working with them.

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