Say No to the Mow!

Lawns of Britain: our pollinators need YOU!

Garden Gnome blocking a lawnmower

One of the best - and easiest - ways to encourage wildlife in your garden is to create a "mini meadow" on your lawn.

That's why Plantlife is calling for all lawn-owners to join the "Say No to the Mow" Summer Challenge.

Did you know just 8 dandelion flowers provide enough nectar for 15,000 bee visits per day?

Trevor Dines, Plantlife Botanical Specialist

How it works

It couldn't be more simple: choose a patch of lawn and let the grass grow - spare it from your mower’s blades until the end of August. Why August? That's traditionally when ancient hay meadows were cut, and when most wildflowers have had a chance to set seed.

Your "No Mow Zone" can be as big or as small as you like, although we'd recommend a space of at least a square metre for best results.

How to get started

Register by clicking the gnome below and we'll send you some extra guidance on How to Get The Most From Your No Mow Zone along with printable spotter sheets that will help you identify some of the commonest wildflowers, bumblebees, butterflies and grasses your No Mow Zone could attract as well as regular updates about plants and Plantlife’s work (you can unsubscribe at any time and we promise not to pass on your details to anyone else).

Share what you see

Tell us all about your "No Mow Zone" - how it looks and what you see - on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #NoMowZone.