DARTMOOR - Rapid Woodland Assessment training - Yarner Wood

Dartmoor’s woodlands are special, with their luxuriant growth of lichens, mosses and liverworts that give them their characteristic rainforest feel. Come and learn about this internationally important habitat and find out how you can contribute to its conservation by taking part in Plantlife's Rapid Woodland Assessment – an easy-to-use tool that has been developed especially for volunteers. The Rapid Woodland Assessment will help us understand the condition of woods across the south west and identify those which have potential to support rare lichens, mosses and liverworts.

This training session is run in partnership with Natural England and Dartmoor National Park Authority. The session will include an introduction to these special woodland habitats, and the lichens and mosses that grow there. The session will also include a run-through of the Rapid Woodland Assessment which is carried out on a walk around the woods. Refreshments will be provided. Once you have completed the training you will be able to carry out Rapid Woodland Assessments independently if you choose to volunteer as part of Plantlife’s project, Building Resilience in South West Woodlands. Places are limited so booking is essential.