Brown galingale Cyperus fuscus

Status Amber - Vulnerable and Near-Threatened
Best Time to See
Habitat Wetland

A small rush-like plant with little brown nutlets on its triangular stems.


This species is restricted to the warm southern counties of England, and has always been rare.


Damp mud, typically on the edges of dried-up ponds or ditches.


Globally Threatened, classified as Vulnerable in Britain and protected by Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Key threats

It is mainly threatened by pond or wetland drainage, habitat neglect leading to scrub overgrowth, changes in the water table and water pollution.

What we’re doing about it

In 2003, a Plantlife-led restoration resulted in the re-appearance of up to 10,000 plants at a Surrey pond. It now grows at seven sites in England and one in the Channel Islands.