Bugle Ajuga reptans

Status Green - Least concern
Best Time to See April, May, June
Colour Blue
Habitat Woodland

‘It is a blacke herbe and it groweth in shaddowy places and moyst groundes.’-    William Turner, 16th century physician and naturalist


An evergreen perennial, its deep blue flower spikes may be found carpeting damp glades and meadows, where it spreads by means of long leafy runners.

How to spot it

Spikes of purplish blue flowers growing from dense mats of dark green leaves with purple highlights.

Where it grows

In damp woods, hedge banks and meadows throughout the U.K.

Best time to see

Flowers April to June.

How's it doing?

Continues to be common throughout the British Isles.

3 things you might not know

  • Bugle is much loved by bumblebees.
  • The ‘reptans’ in its Latin name is derived from ‘repto’, meaning ‘creeping, crawling’.
  • It was a popular ingredient in herbal remedies, particularly for stopping bleeding.