Chickweed wintergreen Trientalis europaea

Best Time to See
Habitat Woodland

"The earliest flowers of springTo thee, beloved, I bring:... the milky starsOf chickweed-wintergreen"

- Arlo Bates, "A Lover's Messengers"


Also known as the Arctic starflower, chickweed wintergreen is one of the north's best-kept botanical secrets. In late summer its leaves turn autumnal shades of copper and pink.

Where it grows

Woods and moors in the north of England and Scotland.

Best time to see

June and July.

Cultural info

  • It is the County Flower of Nairn.

How's it doing?

Declined in northern England since the 1960s due to woodland clearance and moor burning.

3 things you may not know

  • Chickweed wintergreen is not a true wintergreen but a relative of the primrose.
  • It hardly ever sets seed, prefering to spread via runners.
  • It is the provincial flower of the Värmland province in Sweden.

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