Sea lavender Limonium vulgare

Status Green - Least concern
Best Time to See July, August, September, October
Colour Purple
Habitat Coastal

This plant creates wonderful swathes of pale purple across the saltmarshes of Britain.

Despite its name and colour common sea lavender is not actually a true lavender and doesn't share their distinctive smell. It is, however, just as popular with butterflies and other insects.


Common sea lavender can be found scattered across the coasts of Britain although it is absent from most of Scotland and entirely from Ireland.


Saltmarshes, creek banks, coastal flats - generally anywhere muddy by the sea.

Best time to see

Flowers from July to October.

Did you know?

Cultivated sea lavender plants are popular as dried flowers.

Common sea lavender is a very variable species - it grows tall and with large trusses of flowers on the drier reaches of the marshes.

Image © Kristian Peters / CC BY-SA 3.0