Creeping lady’s-tresses Goodyera repens

Status Amber - Vulnerable and Near-Threatened
Best Time to See July, August
Habitat Woodland

This attractive wild orchid has small white flowers twisting up the stem, as well as a little circle of leaves at the bottom, and often appears in small mats.


It is found in the mountains and on the east coast of Scotland, as well as at a few sites in the Lake District and the Cheviots in the north of England. There is an odd outlying population in the pine plantations of East Anglia.


It grows in woods, under Scots pine and often birch.

Best time to see

Flowers between July and August.

Key threats

It is frequently smothered by brambles and other coarse plants, and is also threatened by clear-felling of forests, even if new trees are planted.

Did you know?

In North America it is known as Dwarf rattlesnake plantain or Lesser rattlesnake plantain.

This orchid is pollinated by bumblebees, allowing for its sexual reproduction. It can also reproduce vegetatively.

Throughout most of its range Goodyera repens is a protected species. It does not survive fire, and does not re-enter an area soon after fire or logging. Generally it is found only in forests that are at least 95 years old.