Fly agaric Amanita muscaria

Best Time to See August, September, October, November
Colour Red
Habitat Woodland

Bright red with white spots, the fly agaric is the archetypal toadstool.

Fly agaric is so called because its caps were used to attract and poison flies (it contains a mild insecticide), often broken up into milk or sprinkled with sugar. Do not try and eat it – it can be just as toxic to humans!


Found throughout the UK.


Woodland, particularly under birch and pine trees.

When to see

Summer and autumn.

Did you know?

As with many fungi, the "toadstool" is actually just the fruiting body of the fungus. As they mature, their rounded red caps grow flatter and their white spots drop off! It has been used by the Sami of northern Scandinavia as a strong hallucinogen and intoxicant after they had observed the effects on Reindeer. This is an extremely dangerous fungus to ingest even in small amounts, and should always be treated as deadly poisonous.

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