Lemon disco Bisporella citrina

Also known as 'yellow fairy cups' this funky, fluorescent fungus grows on rotting deciduous wood.

Although each individual disc is small, they are very rarely alone. Lemon disco is a prolific fungus: hundreds of these neon fruiting bodies spawn across the dead wood, forming dense clusters that are easy to spot.

Often as they age, they will turn a shade of orange.


The dead wood of deciduous trees, such as beech and oak.

When to see

Lemon disco is a fairly common fungus and can often be seen in autumn and winter.

Did you know?

'Citrina' in its scientific name refers to a lemon shade of yellow. Lemons, of course, are citrus fruits. The first plant given the name 'citrus' is thought to be Citrus medica - a fruit now known as the citron.

Confusingly, this word seems to come from the ancient Greek word for 'cedar' - even though the two plants are unrelated! One theory is that Hellenistic Jews sometimes used the citron in place of traditional cedar cones during the Feast of the Tabernacles, a Jewish festival celebrated in autumn. Others believe it is simply the similarity in smell between the two species.