Lesser water-plantain Baldellia ranunculoides

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A delicate aquatic plant with long, curving stems that root wherever they touch moist ground.

Lesser water-plantain only blooms briefly but when it does it produces pale-pink flowers. Each has three dainty petals with a rough, ragged edge.


Sheltered, muddy shores.

Best time to see

Flowers from June to August

Did you know...

Part of its Latin name - 'ranunculoides' - means 'buttercup like'. This refers to its seeds rather than its flowers which, although just as pretty, bear little resemblance.

County flower of Dunbartonshire/Dumbartonshire.

One of the uncommon gems that, within the county, brighten a few southern bays and shores of Loch Lomond – the crown jewel of Scotland's first National Park.