Maiden pink Dianthus deltoides

Status Amber - Vulnerable and Near-Threatened
Best Time to See
Habitat Grassland

A charming evergreen perennial forming a mat of green foliage with narrow dark-green leaves.

Slender stems bear a succession of clustered blush-pink to deep rose flowers. You might expect such a pretty, dainty flower to smell wonderful - however it is actually scentless.


Scattered in Britain (does not occur in northern Scotland).

Best time to see

When it flowers June - September


Dry banks and hill pasture. Can occur in short, closed grassland, but prefers an open sward broken by bare rock or soil. Sometimes appears on metal-rich mining spoil or sandy soils and dunes.


Maiden Pink is a native species, but also occurs as a garden escape. Many of its surviving populations are small in size and threatened by overgrazing, undergrazing and scrub encroachment. Its status is considered to be Near Threatened.

County flower of Roxburghshire.