Pyramidal orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis

Best Time to See
Habitat Grassland

A highly distinctive wildflower with a pyramid shaped head of bright pink flowers.

The pyramidal orchid was chosen as the County Flower of the Isle of Wight, where it abounds on the islands chalk landscape. Like many orchids, it requires a specific fungus to be present in the soil in order to bloom.


A flower that prefers milder climates, pyramidal orchid can be found growing at various sites across England and Wales. It is much scarcer in Scotland.


Originally a flower of chalk and limestone grasslands, the pyramidal orchid has shown a penchant for more artificial environments in recent times. Colonies have appeared along motorways and ring-roads, canals and and marinas and even at one time at Stansted airport.

Best time to see

June and July when it flowers.