Starved wood-sedge Carex depauperata

Status Red - Endangered & Critically Endangered
Best Time to See
Habitat Woodland

A grass-like plant with long leaves.

Starved wood-sedge has a few tall, flowering stems which bear one or two green flowers. It can easily mistaken for some common woodland grasses.


Starved wood-sedge has never been common, but about 15 years ago had declined to one plant in the whole of Britain. Through taking cuttings and collecting seed for replanting, there are now an approximate total of 60 plants, with small groups established in Surrey, and Somerset and Eire.


Light, dry soils on shaded hedgebanks or in woodland; preferring glades, edges of rides or tracks and coppiced areas.


It is classified as Endangered, and protected by Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as well as other legislation across most of Europe.

Key threats

Lack of woodland management; particularly lack of coppicing and loss of rides and glades.