Sticky catchfly Silene viscaria

Status Amber - Vulnerable and Near-Threatened
Best Time to See

A very attractive plant, rather like red campion, with a conspicuous spike of red flowers on a tall stem, which is sticky just below each pair of leaves. It often appears in clumps, and can look spectacular in the summer.


It can be found at two sites in Wales and about a dozen in Scotland, mainly in the Cairngorms and Ochil Hills.


Dry, rocky places.


Classified as Near Threatened.

Key threats

It is mainly threatened by encroaching scrub, which shades it out, or grazing by sheep or deer which prevents it from flowering. In addition, the Welsh sites are threatened by quarrying.

County flower of the city of Edinburgh/Midlothian.

The sticky catchfly is Edinburgh's best-known wild flower. It has grown on rocks in Holyrood Park for at least 400 years, and was previously also recorded on the Castle Rock at the charismatic heart of the ‘auld toon'.