Tufted vetch Vicia cracca

Status Green - Least concern
Best Time to See June, July, August
Colour Blue, Purple
Habitat Grassland

Scrambling plant with 10-40 blue violet flowers in a one sided cluster. Leaves pinnate with 6-10 pairs of leaflets and branched tendrils at leaf tip.


Common throughout UK apart from the Scottish Highlands.


Grassy places, bushes, meadows and hedgerows.

Best time to see

Flowers June to August.

Did you know?

Local names include Cat-peas, Cow-vetch and Fingers-and-thumbs (the pods end in a nail or claw).

A member of the pea family (legumes), Common Vetch is able to make its own nitrates. This makes it useful as a soil-fertilising plant and is also often used as livestock fodder