Viper's-bugloss Echium vulgare

Best Time to See
Habitat Grassland

"Along my path is bugloss blue..."

- George Meredith, "Outer and Inner".


A flamboyant wild flower of dry banks and dunes. Serpentine in appearance, it was once used as an anti-venom for bites from the spotted viper. It has been known to irritate the skin, so best not to touch if you want to avoid its bite!

How to spot it

Tall spikes of vivid blue flowers with rough petals and red tongue-like stamens. Each flower is roughly a centimetre to two centimetres long. 

Where it grows

Dry grassland, banks and dunes, especially where there is chalky soil.

Best time to see

When it flowers between June and August.

Cultural info

How's it doing?

Somewhat declined since the 1930s, due to agricultural intensification and habitat loss.  

3 things you may not know

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