Wild leek Allium ampeloprasum

A native wild relative of the familiar garden vegetable.

Wild leek has globe-like heads on stems that can grow to a metre tall. Its leaves are just like the common garden leek, although the stem is not quite so fat. All parts have a strong onion scent.

County flower of Cardiff/Caerdydd.

Found wild on Flat Holm island just off the Cardiff coast, what better than the wild leek for representing the nation's capital?


Occurs in small populations in south-west England (Cornwall, Somerset) and Wales


Sandy and rocky places near the sea, especially in old fields and hedge banks, on sheltered cliff-slopes, by paths and tracks and in drainage ditches and other disturbed places.

Best time to see

Flowers from June to September


Wild Leek is believed to have be en introduced to Britain. It is a scarce species, naturalised in only a few areas.

Did you know...

Used to identify Welsh soldiers in battle against the saxon English, the leek is a familiar emblem of Wales.