Plantlife has an ambitious long-term vision for Ranscombe Farm Reserve.

We aim to develop the site as a stunning wildflower landscape that people can come and enjoy, as well as conserving the site’s heritage, and demonstrating innovative conservation of some of Britain’s rarest plants.

We want Ranscombe Farm Reserve to be one of the UK’s most wildflower-rich landscapes. As part of this, we want to:

  • Conserve, enhance and restore populations of nationally and locally rare plants.
  • Create the best arable plant site in Britain in terms of the diversity of species present and the size of their populations.
  • Develop the largest UK populations of eight key plant species: corncockle, hairy mallow, broad-leaved cudweed, fly orchid, man orchid, lady orchid, meadow clary, and narrow-fruited cornsalad.

We also aim to conserve and enhance populations of important lower plant (mosses, lichens, fungi) and animal species, particular where this demonstrates the essential role which diverse and healthy populations of wild plants play in the conservation of wider biodiversity.

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Ranscombe Farm Reserve: making a difference

Some of the achievements of a major four-year project to improve this 620-acre reserve and create a new public green space.

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