Schools at Ranscombe

Have an educational adventure at Ranscombe Farm Reserve

Explore and discover the wonderful wildlife at Ranscombe Farm Reserve with our education pack which is suitable for Key Stages 1-3. The pack offers a range of activities suitable for individual, group or whole class investigations.

  • Use the cross curricular worksheets to encourage and help the children prepare and plan their adventure.
  • Find full notes in our pack for teachers and find the worksheets for each activity below.
  • To make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable you may wish to download Taking the Right Kit and Preparing for an Expedition.

Download the pack below:


Exploring Ranscombe Farm Reserve (Education pack)

This education pack is designed to help teachers use Ranscombe Farm Reserve for learning outside the classroom. It contains a number of activities to help students learn about, explore and discover the wonderful wildlife that the reserve supports. #wildaboutplants

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