Clearburn Loch IPA

Location: East of Ettrick in the Scottish borders, on the northern side of the B711.

Grid Reference: NT 341 155

Clearburn Loch IPA has been recognised as one of 165 Important Plant Areas in the UK.
The key features of this IPA are:
• The species richness of vascular plants in Surface standing waters, raised and blanket bog and base-rich fens

Clearburn Loch is a small hill loch in the Ettrick district of Scotland’s southern uplands. Set amongst tussocky grassland and surrounded by bog and fen, it provides a home for a variety of vascular plants.

Clearburn's standing water and surrounding bog and fen provide a home for a community of vascular plants, particularly sedges, reeds and grasses including holy-grass, a narrow small-reed hybrid, fibrous tussock-sedge and lesser tussock-sedge. The edge of the loch also has a very wet, almost floating, peaty edge where, amongst other bryophytes, the rare river thyme-moss Pseudobryum cinclidioides is abundant.