Fivehead Fields IPA

Location: East of Taunton, and 1.5 km south west of the village of Fivehead, off the A378 from Taunton to Langport.

Grid Reference: ST 337 225

Fivehead Arable Fields comprise 25 hectares of arable land on fertile calcareous clays in south Somerset.

They have long been noted for their rich flora of rare arable plants, including Corn Gromwell, Corn Buttercup, Narrowfruited and Broad-fruited cornsalads, Shepherd’s-needle, and Spreading Hedgeparsley.

The site is notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and has been owned by the Somerset Wildlife Trust since 1992. Early problems associated with the spread of pernicious weeds, combined with the difficulty in working the fields’ heavy soils, have largely been overcome, and today the fields represent an excellent example of arable plant conservation.