Garron Plateau IPA

Location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland, stretching north-east of Ballymena to Garron Point.

Grid Reference: D 240 189

The Garron Plateau is a 'table' of volcanic basalt rock, stretching from central Ballymena to the coast at Garron Point. Here dramatic cliffs with a distinctive stepped profile plunge into the sea. Rock outcrops and acidic grassland cover its slopes. The more elevated summits are draped in blanket bog, with occasional fen peat in wet flushes and small oligotrophic lakes.

Plants you could see

The site is rich in rare and notable plants including; narrow-leaved marsh-orchid, bog orchid, yellow marsh saxifrage, few-flowered sedge, both bog-sedge and tall bog-sedge, parsley fern, oak fern, beech fern, and Alpine clubmoss

The UK's Important Plant Areas

The UK's Important Plant Areas

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