Loch Lomond Woods IPA

Location: The woods surround Loch Lomond, which runs 24 miles from the north of Dumbarton in Strathclyde, Scotland.

Grid Reference: NS 381 970

Loch Lomond Woods IPA has been recognised as one of 165 Important Plant Areas in the UK.

The key features of this IPA are:

The species richness of bryophytes in Broadleaved woodland

  • One of the best UK examples of threatened habitats of:
    Old oak woodlands with holly
  • Along its shores are mature broadleaved woodlands made up of a mosaic of woodland types. These are one of threes sites which represent old sessile oak woods in the south-west Highlands - the most bryophyte-rich zone in the UK.

    The woodlands comprise a mosaic of woodland types, including ash, elm and alder with pedunculate oak, rather than sessile oak, abundant. Bluebells, wild garlic, primroses, wood sorrel, dog's mercury and great woodrush flourish in spring. In summer you might find tutsan, pink purslane, wood avens, wood crane’s-bill, wood forget-me-not, broad-leaved helleborine, giant bellflower or the rare Scottish dock, and in the boggier areas near the loch branched bur-reed, bog orchid, marsh cinquefoil or purple loosestrife.

    Autumn brings a wealth of fungi including puffballs, waxcaps, fly agaric, wood blewit, stinkhorn and a variety of bracket fungi.