Lordenshaw, Forest Burn IPA

Location: At the eastern edge of Northumberland National Park, west of the B6342, about 2.5 miles south of Rothbury.

Grid Reference: NZ 056 980

Lordenshaw, Forest Burn IPA has been recognised as one of 165 Important Plant Areas in the UK

The key features of this IPA are:

  • One of the UK’s most important populations of Water Rock-bristle
  • Lordenshaw, Forest Burn is a tree-lined watercourse situated in the Simonside Hills site of special scientific interest (SSSI), a sandstone ridge in central Northumberland.

    The area bordering it is mainly moorland, grazed by sheep and cattle.

    Plants you could see

    Grazed land around the burn supports a variety of moorland plant species, but the location is of particular importance for rare and endangered bryophytes, notably the very rare Seligeria carniolica. This site is the only place that this bryophyte can be found in the UK, growing on rocks on the shaded stream banks. It is classified as Critically Endangered in Britain, and Endangered in the rest of Europe.