Roslin Glen IPA

Location: Follows the River North Esk, partly within the Roslin Glen Country Park.

Grid Reference: NT 287 645

Roslin Glen IPA has been recognised as one of 165 Important Plant Areas in the UK.

The key features of this IPA are:

  • One of the UK’s most important populations of slender thread-moss.
  • At Roslin Glen the River North Esk forms a deep steep valley. It is a beautiful and peaceful spot, on the site of a former gunpowder factory, many of the buildings of which still stand.

    Much of the glen is covered in semi-natural ancient woodland supporting a rich variety of plant life, with over 200 species of flowering plants having been recorded, together with a wealth of lichens, and the Slender Thread-moss Orthodontium gracile.

    Roslin Glen is an area of semi-natural ancient woodland, largely deciduous, with sessile oak, wych elm, scots pine, sycamore, ash, hazel, cherry, holly and hawthorn growing along its steep sides.

    The ground flora is characteristic of this type of woodland with wild garlic and primroses carpeting the ground in springtime, followed later by a variety of wild flowers including greater stitchwort, foxglove, hedge woundwort, herb Robert, opposite-leaved golden saxifrage, pink purslane, rosebay willowherb and wood cranesbill.

    There is also a rich diversity of mosses and lichens, including the critically endangered Slender Thread-moss. Unfortunately, unwelcome non-native invasive plant species, Japanese knotweed and few-flowered leek, have made an appearance - vigorous colonisers which pose a recurring problem to the natural ground flora.