Sgurr Mor IPA

Location: South East of Ullapool

Grid Reference: NH275771

Sgurr Mor IPA has been recognised as one of 165 Important Plant Areas in the UK.

The key features of this IPA are:

  • The species richness of vascular plants on inland cliffs, rock pavements and outcrops
  • The IPA includes the peaks of Beinn Dearg and Sgurr Mor which lie in a remote area of the Highlands of Scotland. Sgurr Mor ( meaning 'big peak) is the highest of the two and easily recognised from a distance due to its perfect cone-like shape. The area encompasses a diverse range of habitats, including woodland, mire, open water, dwarf-shrub heath, and cliffs, but has been identified for the richness of vascular plant species in its inland cliffs, rock pavements and outcrops.

    Plants you could see

    It is hard to believe that these mountains, apparently hostile places, can be the home to such an array of wild flowers and plants, but their flora is rich and includes 31 nationally scarce species of flowering plant and 3 nationally rare montane species: Norwegian mugwort, tufted saxifrage and Highland saxifrage. Also to be found here are alpine lady’s-mantle, three-leaved rush, dwarf willow, mountain everlasting, spiked wood-rush, dwarf cudweed, alpine bistort, moss campion, mossy cyphel, sibbaldia, trailing azalea and alpine bearberry.

    Springtime: coltsfoot, purple saxifrage, mountain avens

    Summer: alpine bearberry, cloudberry, tormentil, alpine meadow-rue, moss campion, alpine lady's-mantle, yellow saxifrage, mossy saxifrage