Brexit: a greener UK?

As the government takes forward plans to leave the EU, Plantlife is looking carefully at what environmental protection and funding may be in jeopardy; and where the opportunities lie.

The decisions our political leaders will make in the months ahead are complex and will have significant consequences for our wild plants and fungi. We need to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear. We're working with partner organisations through the Greener UK coalition and we need your help.

As a minimum, we want any new legislation to be at least as strong as current arrangements as this is central to our future well being and prosperity. Currently European Directives underpin our conservation efforts as they protect our wildlife on land, air, seas and freshwater and have an important role in helping the UK meet its international obligations. We will need at the least the equivalent arrangement as these have proven to make significant improvements for our precious species.

Yet beyond this, Brexit offers us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a new and positive vision for our wildlife and countryside, building a sustainable and thriving farming sector where farmers are rewarded for restoring our wild plants and fungi, the habitats they form and ecosystems they drive.

It’s vital that our political leaders seize the moment if we’re to reverse the alarming trends highlighted in the 2016 State of Nature report. We believe that this is a chance for the UK to assert itself as a world leader on the environment and, to help make this a reality, we are calling on all MPs to defend our environmental laws in Parliament.

Please support this call by contacting your MP. A list of those who have signed a pledge already can be found on the Greener UK website.