Portland Cliffs, Dorset

Portland’s limestone grassland and rock outcrops are home to a fantastic range of wild flora.

Over 220 lichen species have been found here, including four that occur nowhere else in Britain.

However, a creeping garden escapee - cotoneaster - had begun to smother them. Worst hit were the intricate lichens, liverworts and mosses that cloak the rocks and ground and give Portland its international importance.

Our goals:

  • Remove the invasive cotonaster.
  • Restore the natural mosaic of limestone grassland and open rocky slopes.
  • Allow the unique flora of Portland - and the wildlife it supports - to flourish again.

Who did we work with?

  • SITA Trust (funder)
  • Dorset Wildlife Trust
  • HM Young Offenders Institute Portland
  • Wild About Weymouth & Portland
  • Portland Stone Firms (landowner)