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Looking Out for the Small Things

Discovering and conserving the lower plants of the Lake District.

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Building Resilience in South West Woodlands

A new Heritage Lottery Funded project to save the ancient trees and coastal woodlands celebrated by Wordsworth, Coleridge and Tolkien (Image: Laurie Campbell)

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Caledonian Pinewood, Cairngorms

An echo of the boreal forests that encircle the arctic, fragments of the original woods now occur at only 84 sites in Scotland...

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Meirionnydd Oakwoods, Gwynedd

These wet oakwoods in north Wales, part of the Celtic Rainforest, are exceptionally rich in lichens, mosses and liverworts. We're helping change their management to keep them this way.

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Savernake Forest, Wiltshire

At over 1000 years old, the largest privately owned forest in England is full of ancient and veteran trees. But the precious lichens they support are in trouble. We're helping to secure their future.

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