Looking Out for the Small Things

Discovering and conserving the lower plants of the Lake District.

Atlantic woodlands are one of the richest and most treasured habitats found within the British Isles. These forested ecosystems are teeming with biodiversity and showcase some of the most exceptional examples of lichens, bryophytes and ferns the UK has to offer.

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Naddle Forest

The Lake District National Park acts as one of the national strongholds for Atlantic woodlands and the lichen-bryophyte (lower plants) assemblages that characterise this habitat. To further understand, appreciate and celebrate these special areas, Plantlife has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant to deliver an exciting two year project (2018-2020), providing people with an opportunity to explore the hidden world that is all around them.

This project, Looking Out for the Small Things (LOST) is a partnership effort to ensure the most effective conservation of these woodlands for lower plants, whilst enhancing the lichen and bryophyte (mosses and liverworts) communities that can be found there. This project will be using the collective efforts of the public and landowners as an integral part of the process, developing the knowledge and skill-set across amateur naturalists to truly understand this habitat.

To find out more about free training events and other opportunities offered as part of the LOST project, please visit the events webpage for further information and bookings.

LOST Photography Competition & Exhibition – Beatrix Potter’s Vision: A Celebration of the Lake District.

This competition has been launched as part of the project to raise awareness of the importance of Cumbria’s woodlands. To find out more and how to enter download a PDF by clicking the link below:

Our goals:

  • Deliver a partnership project to conserve and enhance Atlantic woodlands and their rich populations of lichens, mosses & liverworts
  • Building resilience through a strong interconnected network of Atlantic woodland habitats around Important Plant Areas (IPAs)
  • Develop skills in lichen & bryophyte identification and recording, alongside woodland management for lichens, mosses and ferns
  • Support a network of volunteers to continue working with lower plants in Atlantic woodlands post the project
  • Facilitate learning and enjoyment of Atlantic woodlands and the lichens, bryophytes and ferns that can be found there
  • Better understanding and increase awareness of Atlantic woodlands and their lower plant communities
  • The LOST project is building upon current achievements of Plantlife’s CENNAD lichen apprenticeship scheme, Make the Small Things Count and Buildling Resilience.

    For more information and ways to get involved, please contact April Windle (LOST Senior Project Officer) April.Windle@plantlife.org.uk

    Who are we working with?

    This project is very kindly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), with additional contributions from the Cumbria Community Foundation, Crofton Trust Fund and the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust.

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    This project is also gratefully supported by Magniband®.